Yin Yang Wisdom Acupuncture 

And Traditional Chinese Medicine
Natalie Shuler LAc, MSOM, Dipl. Ac
The Yin Yang symbol has long stood for the two opposite forces in the universe that govern all aspects of life, including our physical, mental and spiritual health.  

According to ancient chinese philosophy, all of our ailments result from an imbalance of yin and yang, which is caused by a disruption or blockage of vital energy in the body,known as Qi (chee).

Natalie Shuler L.Ac is the owner of Yin Yang Wisdom Acupuncture and specializes in the treatment of
Women's Health, Pain Management, and Mental/Emotional Health

We believe in treating the whole individual by utilizing the ancient principles of yin and yang and use acupuncture as a way of treatment as well as the many modalities of Chinese Medicine to create safe and cost effective treatment plans that balance the body and ensure a healthy, happy, and pain free life.  

Contact Natalie at 773-270-2054 or email natalie@yinyangwisdom.com

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine has been seeing a rapid increase in popularity in the past several years as people search for a more holistic and personal approach to their health with fewer side effects. 

Not only have have individual patients and practitioners of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine experienced and acknowledged the remarkable health benefits of acupuncture but also The World Health Organization (WHO) and the National Institute of Health (NIH) recognize that acupuncture is safe and effective for treating a wide range of health concerns.

As opposed to only treating the symptoms a person has; Acupuncture is based on a methodology and philosophy which directs attention to both the physiological and psychological aspects of the individual.  This approach is a highly individualistic and personal approach to healthcare which allows practitioners the ability to treat the entire person, finding patterns of disharmony in the body and providing a holistic framework for treatment.

While acupuncture is the most commonly know treatment from the eastern world, it's not the only one that Traditional Chinese Medicine has to offer. There are several other modalities used either alone or in conjunction with an acupuncture treatment.  So if you're interested in a holistic approach to your health but uncertain about the needles, rest assured there are plenty of other methods that may be able to help your condition.

Please feel free to browse this website to learn of some of the many ways that acupuncture and traditional chinese medicine (TCM) can improve your health and heal your dis-ease.  I welcome any questions you might have. Contact me by either phone or email with any questions or to schedule a consultation.

Phone: 773-270-2054         
email: Natalie@yinyangwisdom.com

"Tao produced the one.
The One produced the two.
The two produced the three.
And the three produced the ten thousand things.
The ten thousand things carry the Yin and embrace the Yang and through the blending of the Qi they achieve harmony"  Lao Tzu
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