Yin Yang Wisdom Acupuncture 

And Traditional Chinese Medicine
Natalie Shuler LAc, MSOM, Dipl. Ac

When recommended by a properly trained herbalist, Chinese herbs are actually safer for the individual, with less side-effects than most pharmaceuticals.  Herbal therapy can strengthen the system and can be taken either by itself of in conjunction with other medications in order to reduce side effects.

Chinese Herbal Therapy can treat:

  • Any condition
Chinese Herbal medicine has gained tremendous popularity in recent years for its multitude of usages and for the fact that it has little to no side effects, compared to pharmaceutical drugs. 

Chinese herbal medicine is considered a gentle and safe form of correcting the bodies dis-ease since most of Chinese herbs do not cause side effects.  For these reasons, people have been turning to herbal therapy as an alternative that works for them.

In general, herbs can treat a wide variety of diseases and conditions when administered appropriately by licensed acupuncture professionals.  

Chinese herbal formulas can:
  • Treat both acute and chronic conditions
  • Strengthen the bodies systems without side effects
  • Maintain balance within the body
  • Help to lessen the side effects of pharmaceuticals

In addition to the remarkable benefits of Chinese herbal therapy it is considerably more affordable than most pharmaceutical prescriptions.

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